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EOH’S CORE MISSION: is deeply concerned about the effects of Covid19 and the economic setback it brings to the vulnerable population. We believe that we are all in it together, and must act incooperation and with responsibility to help keep each other safe.

It is said that “Being human is a given but keeping humanity is a choice.” A choice, circumstances like these, will influence us to make. Part of being human, is the ability we possess to make someone smile, make someone dream and to make someone feel loved. By being human we raise the standard of humanity.

EOH is humbled, happy, and very appreciative of the humanity our members have shown and is delighted to bring this newsletter before you.


January 2020 – Help end Period Poverty in Nashville

We educated ourselves and the community on, how the the lack of feminine hygeine products at home and in schools, keep girls out of classrooms, making them prone to vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to human trafficking

  •  EveryOneHuman volunteers helped fund the purchase of approx 5,000 sanitary napkins to be distributed to ‘On the Dot’ organization which supplies sanitary napkins and tampons, to public schools in the Nashville area.

THANK YOU for contributing towards this unspoken continuous necessity!

February 2020 – Thistle Farms Valentines Event

Lack of opportunities stemming from inadequate formal education coupled with poverty, is a potent concoction for extreme human exploitation.

  • EveryOneHuman volunteers hosted a very successful early Valentine’s Lunch and Learn Shopping Event, at Best Western in Franklin TN. All sale proceeds, directly benefiting women who have survived trafficking, prostitution and who deserve a second chance at life. This event was a
    Sell Out with additional reinforcements of merchandise, brought in at the halfway juncture of the event.

Well done ladies! LOVE HEALS US ALL.

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